Class Registration

Registering on our website is easy!

Register for classes in 3 steps:
1: Create a member profile
2: Once approved, choose your classes and add to shopping cart
3: Click shopping cart icon to check out
It's that easy!


1. Register the primary family member by clicking on MY ACCOUNT in the upper right of the site. Choose REGISTER to create a new account, or LOGIN to enter as a returning customer.  If you are creating a profile for the first time, after registering your primary family member, the club will need to confirm your registration.  This will typically take no longer than 24 hours.  We will also add any additional family member profiles to your account.

2. On our member registration date, all classes will be available to view.  Browse our wide variety of classes by navigating to the correct age group on the top of the website. Choose a category that interests you and select from the available class times and days. Choose the classes for each family member by clicking on a class and adding the classes to your shopping cart.
NOTE: if you are adding classes that require a 'coupon code' (ex adult swim lessons, junior swim lessons, or Kif Fit classes) you will need to add one class at a time, apply a coupon code, and check out.  Then add the next class, apply the next coupon code, and check out.  This process will need to be done for each new coupon code.  See below on HOW TO USE COUPON CODES

3. When finished adding your class, click on the shopping cart icon    and click check out.  If you are registering family members other than the primary person, under profile details, check off the second option,

Check off the family member that is taking the class
Next, adjust the 'quantity' number from 0 to 1 next to the class.

When finished, click Continue then, if needed, enter your billing information .  Review your order and click Confirm order.  

Congratulations!  You have successfully submitted your registration.
To make any changes to your class(es) please refer to our Class Registration Cancellation / Change Policy.  If you have any additional questions please contact us at 908-753-2300.


For members, in order to take advantage of your membership discounts for classes, you will need to use coupon codes: 10AQUA#, SPORT#, and SWIM#.  The 10AQUA# codes will allow an adult member to get a swim lessons class for $10.  The SPORT# code will allow a child member to get a sport class for free and the SWIM# code will allow a child member to get a swim class for free.  (Depending on the number of adults and children in your family, replace the # symbol with 1, 2, 3, or 4.  See the list of coupon codes in box below) 

*NOTE: If you plan to register for a second sport class instead of a swim class, you will need to contact the club at (908) 753-2300, so that our staff can adjust / re-issue a new coupon code for the sport class.
IMPORTANT: When registering for more than one class and to make use of more than one coupon code, you MUST register for each class individually per transaction / check out.  

Members are only able to apply one coupon code per transaction.  

For example, if you want to register 1 adult for one swim class and 1 child for a Sport class and a Swim class, you will need to do the following:
Step 1: Add the adult swim class in your shopping cart, apply coupon code 10AQUA1, then check out to finish the transaction.
Step 2: Next, you will add the Sport class in your shopping cart, apply coupon code SPORT1, then check out to finish the transaction.
Step 3: Finally, you will add the Swim class in your shopping cart, apply coupon code SWIM1, then check out to finish the transaction.
If you have more classes that require coupon codes, continue with the process of adding only one class into your shopping cart and applying a different coupon code, then checking out.

Here is the list of coupon codes that can be used when you are registering for classes.  
1st adult use 10AQUA1 to receive 1st adult swim class for $10
2nd adult use 10AQUA2 to receive 2nd adult swim class for $10
3rd adult use 10AQUA3 to receive 3rd adult swim class for $10
4th adult use 10AQUA4 to receive 4th adult swim class for $10

1st child use SPORT1 and SWIM1 to receive 1st child classes for free
2nd child use SPORT2 and SWIM2 to receive 2nd child classes for free
3rd child use SPORT3 and SWIM3 to receive 3rd child classes for free
4th child use SPORT4 and SWIM4 to receive 4th child classes for free
5th child use SPORT5 and SWIM5 to receive 5th child classes for free
6th child use SPORT6 and SWIM6 to receive 6th child classes for free

Example: A family of 2 adults and 2 children, you will be able to use the following coupon codes for each of your classes; 10AQUA1, 10AQUA2, SPORT1, SWIM1, SPORT2, and SWIM2 for a maximum of 6 classes.