Class Registration Cancellation / Change Policy

Cancellation by customer:

·         A full refund will be given when the class is NOT sold out, up to the Monday start date of each session.

·         When a class is sold out and the session has not begun, a Club credit will be issued valid for the following session.  The credit slip will be mailed to you.

·         Ricochet will not refund any monies after the session has started.

·         After the session starts, credits may be issued for medical reasons only and only with a doctor’s note.  Credit will be pro-rated based on the time we receive the doctor’s note.

·         Credit is valid for all Ricochet program services and has an expiration date, which is the start of the next program session.  Credit must be used by expiration date.

·         To use your credit slip you must register in person at the club presenting your credit slip.  Phone, fax, or Internet registrations will not be accepted with a credit slip.


Cancellation by Ricochet:

·         The Club at Ricochet reserves the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment or scheduling conflicts.

·         If a class is canceled, you will be notified by our program director before the start of class.  The director will assist in moving the student to an alternate class, or provide a full refund.


Changing Classes

·         All changes must be done by contact the club directly via telephone at (908) 753-2300.  We cannot accept class changes on our website.  You must contact the program director for changes.

·         All class changes must be done prior to session start date.  If a class needs to be changed after the session has begun, there will be a $15 fee per class for all members and nonmembers.

·         You will not be charged the $15 fee if the change is required by The Club at Ricochet.