Virtual Learning Program

Dear parents,

We would like to give you some opening day instructions so we can be prepared for our virtual learning program. 

First: please make sure all students have their school supplies: Chromebooks (or similar) fully charged each day, headphones, pencils, notebooks, masks. And anything else you think they may need. We also need their login information and password. Finally, medical forms will need to be filled out with shot records, and handed in.  Medical form is at bottom of this page.

Second: please pack a snack because the kids will break mid day for snack. We will also be offering a snack, so please inform us if your child has any allergies.  Lunch will begin after the school session ends. On the half day schedule lunch will begin at 12:15pm.  On a regular day schedule, lunch will begin at 1:15pm. Please make sure you pack a lunch, or you can order from Hometown Heros Deli, 908-755-4376.   

Third: when dropping off in the morning, parents, walk them to the door. Our staff will be there to receive them.  If you enter the building you must get your temperature taken and must have a mask on. You will NOT be allowed in the building without a mask on.  Please do not pass the front desk area.  We would prefer they walk in by themselves, but we understand the first couple of days they might need you to walk them in. 

Fourth: When picking up please, call the front desk at 908-753-2300 to inform us that you are here to pick up your child.  Then you can come into the lobby. You will not be allowed to pass the front desk. 

Lastly, please rest assured that we are following the all CDC guidelines to keep your child safe and healthy...and learning!

Thank you,

Renee Eggert

Virtual Learning Supervisor 

Print out form!  (pages 3, 4 and 5)

Fill out and return to Ricochet, either in person, or email at or fax at 908-753-8535